My name is Ronnelle Torres!

My Portfolio

Hi! My name is Ronnellle Torres. This website shows some of my creations in the field of graphic design and video editing over the past few years. It also contains some of the web pages that I have created since I started learning web development

Disclaimer: Not all my creations are present in this portfolio

Mini web apps

These are some of the webapps that I've created since I started web development

Drawing app

A drawing app that I have created using HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript with the help of the Jquery library.

Click this link to try the drawing app

Movie Searcher

An app that lets you search a movie and it will provide you the Release date, Genre and Plot of the movie.

Click this link to try the Movie searcher app


An app quiz with 10 questions. This app will require you to answer the quiz within 60 sec and keeps track of your score. It will also validate your answer. I used pure Javascript.

Click this link to try the Quiz app

Catch the car!

This game is created using javascript and a little bit of CSS animation. Enjoy!

Click this link to try Catch the car!

Photo manipulation and Graphic designs

These are some of my photo manipulation and graphic designs

Videos and motion graphics

These are some of the videos and motion graphics that I have created.

My Demo Reel 2019

My Demo Video 2018

Using Element 3D (Uberlympics)

Using Element 3D

Teaser video

Simple Demo Reel

Practicing Color Grading

Retro yellow ninja

Valentines intro for upload

Client Video | CrudolifeTV

Time to Change the Game (P.E.Plus Part 2)

Time to Change the Game (PE Plus Part 1)

Client video

Client video

Motion graphic

Motion graphics


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